10th March 2018
The subject for the March meeting on the 20th will now be "Nursery Propagation" with Robert Nicholson.
Unfortunately, the lady who was due to speak to us has been called away because of close-family seriously illness.
December 30th 2017
The bulbs for the Spring Show should now be showing signs of growth, although possibly stalled because of the cold spell we've had.

What about other varieties, particularly the dwarf and miniatures to enter in the other Classes.

Whatever, on behalf of the Committee, I wish you all a Happy and Winning New Year!

BULBS FOR 2018 Spring Show
Members of the Society were given their bulbs to grow on for the Spring Show, at the October/November meeting.
          This year we have chosen a Narcissus called                  'Sir Winston Churchill'

Thank you
Steve Halliwell