SUMMER SHOW 19.8.2017

The following is the Schedule for the
on Saturday 19th August 2017

(Make a note in your diaries now)

1.    Golden Celebrations - A Flower Arrangement.
2.    An arrangement in Cup and Saucer (6" / 15cm)
3.    'Down the Garden Path' - in a jam jar.
4.    Society Plant  -  to be decided. Plant provided by the Society.  SEE BELOW
5.    Cactus  -  mixed / single variety in a poy of any size
6.    Succulent  -  mixed / single variety in a pot of any size
7.    Fushcia Single variety any pot size. ONE  PLANT PER POT.
8.    Fuchsia Double variety any pot size. ONE PLANT PER POT.
9.    Pelargonium / Geranium any size pot. ONE PLANT PER POT.
10.  Streptocarpus.  Any pot size
11.  Flowering Plant (except those with special classes). Pot size 5" / 13cm.
12.  Flowering Plant (except those with special classes). Pot size over 5" 13cm. 
13.  Foliage plant, any size pot
14.  Ferns, any size pot
15.  One Rose, any HT variety
16.  One stem Floribunda Rose, any variety
17.  Three stems of Dahlia, any size, any variety
18.  Sweet Peas, 6 spikes, single or mixed variety
19.  Gladiolus, three spikes in a vase, single or mixed variety 
20.  Container of mixed cut flowers (in water only) from Members own gardens.
21.  Hanging Basket, single variety, 14" / 35cm basket maximum
22.  Hanging Basket, mixed variety, 14" / 35cm basket maximum
23.  Patio Pot or Trough, any size single or mixed plant variety
24.  Four Cherry Tomatoes
25.  Four Tomatoes, standard, single variety
26.  Four Potatoes, single variety, washed
27.  Broad Beans, Six pods
28.  Dwarf French Beans Six pods
29.  Runner Beans, Six pods
30.  Three Beetroot - clean, with foliage left on
31.  Three Onions
32.  One Cucumber
33.  One Courgette
34.  Four Shallots
35.  Any vegetable not listed
36.  Three sticks of Rhubarb
37.  Plate of soft fruit. 10 Berries, WITH stalks
38.  Plate of four Apples or four Pears
39.  Four Jam Tarts
40.  Fruit Pie
41.  Victoria Sponge  7" - 8" / 17 - 20cm spread with Raspberry Jam
42.  Four fruit scones on a Doyley
43.  Shortbread - four pieces only
44.  Jar of Jam, in a clear jar with cellophane cover and screw top -
                                                                     named and dated.
45.  Jar of Chutney, in a clear jar, with cellophane cover and screw top -
                                                                     named and dated.
46.  Jar of Lemon Cheese, in a clear jar with a cellophane cover and screw top - 
                                                                     named and dated.
47.  A knitted item
48.  Any other article of Craft Work 
49.  Photography, a Garden flower, single bloom, not exceeding 7" X 5" / 18 X 13cm
50.  Photography, a Garden Scene, not exceeding 7" X 5" / 18 X 13cm
Entries cost 25p per item.
1.    Only Members of the Society may exhibit in the Show.
2.    All entries 25p.
3.    All exhibits must be Members own grown (named if
possible, except Classes 1 - 3) 
4.    Pot plants obtained from another grower must be in 
      Member's  possession for 3 months.
5.    Members may enter any number of exhibits in each   Class -  except photographs where maximum is 3. 
6.    All plants to be exhibited in the pot in which they  have been grown.
7.    Pot saucers are optional.
8.    Entries must be in accordance with the Schedule.
9.    No exhibits can be removed before 4pm.
10.  No entry can be made that has previously won a 1st 


Staging exhibits will commence at 10.00am, and finish at 11.30am.
LAST ENTRIES for staging MUST be in the Hall by 11.15am.

After staging, only STEWARDS can remain in the hall.

In the interest of all visitors to the Show, exhibitors are kindly asked to make every effort to display the exhibit's name (if known).

  JUDGING              SHOW OPENS           PRIZE GIVING
    11.30am - 2pm                                     2pm                                 3pm, followed by raffle

nb. Exhibitors may claim their prize money from the Treasurer, after the presentaion of the trophies, and all prize money not collected will be put into the Society Funds.
 Image result for fuchsia happy wedding day
This year we have chosen an UPRIGHT Fuchsia called "HAPPY WEDDING DAY"   
It's said to be an 'all-round' Fuchsia, in that it can be used as a trailing plant in a basket or container.
We're growing it as an upright plant, but would suggest planting it in a DEEP pot, so that it can be encouraged to display its trailing capabilities.
Websites that you can look at to learn more are as follows, with the first one having a video showing how to 'pinch out' growing tips to encourage bushiness.