SPRING SHOW 20.3.2018

Tuesday 20th March 2018
Last year we had the largest number of entries for ten years making it really successful!!

Scenes from the 2017 Spring Show
The plant that we have chosen for the 2018 Spring Show is the Narcissus, Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Winston Churchill is a multi-headed variety which
grows to around 15" - 16"
Class 1.    Society Narcissus  (Pot of three bulbs)

Class 2.    Society Narcissus  (Single bulb) 

Class 3.   Dwarf / Miniature Daffodils (any variety) in Pot or Bowl

Class 4.       Pot of Bulbs (any number or variety)

Class 5.     3 Cut Daffodils, mixed in a vase

Class 6.     3 Cut Daffodils, single variety, in a vase

Class 7.     3 Cut Dwarf, Miniature Daffodils (any variety) in a vase

Class 8.     Vase of Spring, Cut flowers / foliage

nb.  The Society Shield to be awarded for the Best Society Daffodil Bulbs.
           The Best in Show to be awarded the Woodfield Cup and Rosette.

        There will also be a competition to include all classes. 3 points for a 1st place, 2 points for a second place, and 1 point for a third place, with the Exhibitor with the most points overall winning a £10 gift voucher.